Saturday, June 16, 2012

Light; It's a Good Thing, Right?

As I was adjusting my position to reach a different side of the bookshelf I was painting, a glaring ray of sun shone in my eye, and I was momentarily blinded. In this moment of temporary darkness, I found light.

Light is a curious thing. It is good; in the right amounts, at the right time, and shone on the right things at the right angles. It is a hindrance; when viewed at the wrong time, in the wrong amount, and shone on the wrong things at the wrong angles.

We are curious beings. We judge. We peek around corners of each others lives. We shed light on things that are better left unlit, especially with our light. We travel to dark corners, with huge flashlights, in our best efforts to illuminate things that are not our business. We hold differences up to the light, in hopes of judging another to prove our ways are best.

Then, there is the even more curious, self-judgement. We pick our worst parts and hold them up to another's light. We tell ourselves we aren't good enough because we aren't where they are. We wonder why our life, in their light, looks so muted, gray, and lifeless. Worse yet, we pick our best parts and hold them up to another's dimmer ones to try and make ourselves feel better. We have anxiety and depression aplenty while we run around trying to live someone else's life, with light that does nothing for our own. We wonder why we can't see. It must be me. I am doing it wrong. Life is dark.

My step-dad says the greatest thing. "There are 3 kinds of business; God's business, my business, and not my business." I am so grateful that it is not my business to judge another. I am even more grateful that it is not my business to judge myself. Judgement is a Godly duty. A heavenly virtue, of which I am not qualified, or allowed, at this time. I am so glad.

Only God knows how much light each of us needs at any given point on our spiritual journey here. He knows which points and colors of light, will illuminate the right things, at the right angles, and at the right times. He knows we all need different light at different times. While one is ready for further light and knowledge in one area, another is ready in a different one. He knows what is needed in order for us to progress on our individual path to Him.

He sent the perfect light. "I am the light of the world,"  John 8:12

We are conditioned to look at others in order to judge our own progress. All we need is to look at ourselves, in the best light. If we stay the course, on our own straight and narrow path, we will get where His light leads. There is only one way, but there are many, many, different paths to the Way. Everyone has their own straight and narrow way, even our children.

It is not a competition to see who has the best way. It's not a race to see who can can get there first. Not a single one of us can claim to know that our way is better or another's is flawed. We live what we know. We remain open to the messages He sends.  

Sometimes the words of another person are His way of reaching us. Confirmation of His truths will always come if they are sought. We seek the Lord and follow Him. In our own way. In our own time. On our own path. He will be our judge.

In this world we offer ourselves in many ways. Our lives, with all the experiences, ideas, heartaches, and joys we live, offer us opportunities to connect. In our connections, we learn.

Sometimes we learn that another's journey is so much different than our own, it would not be beneficial to stay connected. Sometimes we learn we are so closely aligned with another, that we can glean valuable information to help us in our practical application of core values and principles. Sometimes we learn that others can be very loud in proclaiming that their way is the best way and you must join them. We learn to not learn, from that source. 

Sometimes we learn, that when we are not comfortable enough with ourselves, we tend to be defensive or feeble.
Sometimes we feel utterly alone in a community full of people, be it church/religion, family or single life, working or stay at home moms, neighborhoods, cities, or towns. We feel alone in our best efforts to seek Him because others tell us we aren't doing it right. It comes in many methods, both passive and aggressive, the spoken and unspoken; the message is clear. Sometimes we even make it up in our own minds. The delivery method is moot, the affect is the same and can be debilitating.

Hopefully we know that there is one connection that will always be there. It will never fail us, or lead astray. We are always connected with God. Always. Seek the best source. Check everything worldly by those values, standards, and character traits that come from the best source. We learn what is best for us to learn, when it is best for us to learn it.

I strive for an open heart and contrite spirit so that I can be open to His light. I want to see what He sees and reach what he knows I can. I want to soar with His light, which light is also in me. Do you see His light in you? 

There are many paths to the One Way. Seek His light. He will give you the right light, in amounts perfectly suited to your path. I love people. I love journeys. I love diversity. I love to share. I love to connect. I love to learn. I love my newly painted bookcase! I love my path. I hope you love yours.

An interesting thing to note about me: I believe in God, and that is how I refer to things and live my life. I am also of the belief that much of what I experience and share, is relevant to those who define their "light" and "source" in different ways, and vice versa. I don't need you to fit into my boxes or choice of words in order to understand where you are coming from. I hope there is a place of realization that we are much more alike, and have much more in common, than we realize. It's easy to take a stand and create a war of ideas and words. Once we stop warring about how things are said and what they are called, we might find it easier to communicate and learn from one another without fear. But that's just me! 


Arlis said...

Good thoughts, Amy!

Mary Boyle said...

Well said and much needed words in these times.

Rachael said...

Amy, you are a deep thinker and a gifted writer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love how you wish well for everyone and are reminding us not to judge because it is a trap we all fall into at times. I like your step-dad's quote about the 3 kinds of business!