Saturday, March 23, 2013

Be a Good Mother

What is that anyway?!

A wise woman once told me, "If I can live so my daughter's highest aspiration is to be a mother, then I have done my job well." Amen. Here's the best part. Every mother gets to determine what that means; all by herself.

What happened that we are so eager to tell everyone else what it means to be a mother. And worse, what it means to be a "good" mother. It even seems at times that the eagerness has escalated into a rite of passage required for womanhood. Of course this applies to all women, not just mothers, but I am a mother and that is the perspective from which I live and write.

Tis a sad day when feminism declares war within and refuses to be compassionate enough for all women's voices. We should be able to share what matters to us without hearing about how insignificant we are as part of a group or how menial our life's work is thought to be.

How about we all get down from our perches, stop yelling our declarations and passing judgement on each other, and simply be the best we can be. It's going to look different for every single one of us. Be honest with yourself. Define your life's mission by yourself, with nary a thought or slightest concern for what your bff, or anyone else, is doing or saying. No matter how loud they are. 

Validation isn't all it is cracked up to be. Unless of course you are talking about self validation powered by a source that is higher than any pedestal one may be perched upon with their bullhorn.

Be yourself. Be your best self. Inspire those around you with that simple quiet message; it is much louder than you think.

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