Friday, March 22, 2013

The Dawn of Positivity

It's just under the surface you know. Waiting for you to bring it into being. You can't see it. You can't touch it. But you can access it. You can.

As I was sitting with my special needs toddler in the early hours of the morning, I saw the sunrise. We have had a long road with him, much longer than expected or has ever been documented for his particular disease. We have been awaiting the miracle. I have seen thousands of sunrises, but my heart was troubled and the Lord opened a window for me.

Guess what happens while we are waiting? We miss things. The glimpses, the progress, the billion micro-miracles that precede the crown jewel, the shinning moment of sunshine illuminating our whole world.  My friends, that is life. Life is the glimpses, the progress, the billion micro-miracles. Each and every little click is what makes the shinning moments feel so wonderful. It is easy to take the brightness of day for granted. Seeing the sunrise opened my eyes to the beauty of the process.

Have you ever savored a sunrise? Have you noticed that you are surrounded by darkness and slowly the hue changes from pitch-dark to hazy gray. Then, when you least expect it, out pops this sliver of amazing brightness and color. But it is only a sliver, a tiny little peek at what is coming. Amazing Grace.

With each new pop and sliver of color and light comes an acute awareness that hope is here and good things are coming. That awareness feels good. It awakens our soul and, if acknowledged, can set the tone for our day, our life. Our thoughts can cause a conscious acknowledgement of the glimpses of hope that are present in each and every life. That awareness brings the dawn of positivity to the forefront of our consciousness and encourages us to continue on its path. Amazing Grace.

The hours of darkness that block out the sun can be overcome. The slow haze of gray awaits. The splash of color to follow is not so much a splash, but a gradual unveiling of careful brushstrokes on the masterpiece. The sun does indeed come and there is so much beauty to drink in before illumination.

Seek the sliver of color and light. Acknowledge the glimmer of hope. Before you know it your sky will be filled with more light than you knew possible.

Behold ...

The Positivity that is in You.

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