Sunday, May 6, 2012

Privileged vs Entitled; What's the Difference

Not a lot.

Whether little Johnny is raised to expect helicopter mommy to save the day and cater to his every whim, or the government (big brother) to take responsibility for his daily comforts and pursuit of happiness, it hardly makes a difference in character at all.  The mantra is the same; I want it now and you are responsible for getting it for me.  Right Now! 

Who we blame and hold responsible for our lives is insignificant.  The significance is in the practice itself.  No handout, whatever the source, has ever resulted in lasting success, happiness, or peace.  Nothing of value comes without trial and error, blood sweat and tears, ups and downs.  Nothing.  If we think we are doing our children a service by saving them from the consequences of their choices and actions, we are sorely mistaken.  They will pay the price, and it is a heavy one.  

No baby has ever learned to hold its head up, roll over, crawl, walk, and run because we did it for them, or came up with a device to make it easier on them.  Months and months of hard work.  Repetitive motions, teaching and training thousands of muscles to learn to work together and perform miraculous functions.  How boring.  Can't we skip it mom?  Really, again!  I can't possibly go without, all my friends have it, everyone else is doing it!  And on and on and on go the endless excuses, justifications and whining.

We are all infants in our abilities and understanding compared to our Lord and Maker.  What a blessing that He loves us enough to forget his own desires and allow us the opportunity to pave our own way.  The Lord is secure in his will.  He set the rules and let us go.  The struggles can be difficult to witness, but they are necessary for growth.  Growth brings everlasting peace and happiness.  Ahh, that sounds nice, really nice.

Don't we owe our children the same?  Teach a child in the ways of the Lord.  Seek His word in the holy scriptures.  He knows how to parent.  He gave us the best parenting book in the world.  Clear your shelves of all else and seek His word, then go forth and parent as He would have you, not your neighbor, friend, cousin, aunt, or even your mom.  Many a good thing has kept us from the best thing.  What is best for you?  What is best for your children?  Seek the answers from the best source.

I love my little Johnnys way too much to train them up to believe that their happiness and success rest on the shoulders of anyone else, especially me.  How arrogant, and quite frankly, insane it is to think that as mothers we have the ability to do and provide everything necessary for our children.  We love them unconditionally.  We nurture them and are careful not to cross the line into coddling them.  We train them to think, act, and live for themselves.  

Or do we?

Consequences are as basic a principle as gravity. What goes up must come down.  Reinforce your spines mothers.  It's on!  Think about it.

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