Sunday, May 20, 2012

Up for a Challenge?

How long has it been since you have taken a serious look at the 10 commandments?  I have been conducting an experiment in my little spot of existence.  I take any situation that comes my way and evaluate my thoughts and reactions against those 10 commands.  Mind you, this may not happen until after the fact.  To be quite honest, it's probable, okay, highly probable, that most times, it's after the fact.  Anyhoo!  The lesson is still learned.    

When I am willing to look inside, rather than finding fault or placing blame, I am able to see the error of my ways.  In each case I have ended up back at the Ten Commandments.  Powerful.  God really did think of everything.  We just have to be willing to see it, and use it for our own growth.

Now for part II of the experiment; giving a hoot, and doing something about it!  Yes, indeed I am able to point to myself each and every day and say, "Now Amy, you knew what you were doing and you did it anyway."  Blast!  I think I'll build a time-out room for myself.  And the walls will be covered with encouraging and uplifting scriptures that will help me remember that I never get anywhere by berating myself.  

***(Hmm, sounds like a brilliant new approach to discipline.  You heard it here first folks.  I suppose I can't corner the market on scriptural based parenting.  Oh well, on to the next get rich quick scheme.)*** 

So how about it?  Are you up for the Ten Commandment Challenge?

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Amy Frank said...

I totally recommend the Ten Commandment Challenge as I too have been able to use them (quite often after the sin(s) occurred). After all, they WERE put there to act as a mirror. Thank you Jesus for saving me from my sins. It's not what I've done or who I am, it's what Jesus has done and who He is. Love your blog.