Friday, November 15, 2013

Boredom Cure

Do you ever hear the phrase, "Mom, I am bored." or, are you ever bored? I hear it often and I used to get bored (or worse fill my time with useless things to pass the time, like TV!) Well, I now have the perfect cure. It works every time! At least it has so far and I tend towards the positive these days. So here's the secret; have a click-a-thon.

Here's how to play:
* grab a clicker.
* assemble in a circle.
* the youngest player always goes first!
* state your positive thought and pass it to the left.
* the game is done and you have all won when there's a smile on every face.
* please play often.

Boredom is just a fancier word for negative. Kick boredom to the curb with a click-a-thon and you'll be laughing and getting along better before you know it. At least that's what happened for us! There's just something fun about clicking!

If you are in the dark about clicking, go here and join the quest for a better you! Make sure to use coupon code AMY454 to get a free clicker, including wristband and stickers, with each paid clicker kit order.

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