Friday, November 29, 2013

Rice and Mountains and The End

As I come to the end of my blogging about clicking journey I feel, down. What?! Get the clicker.

What purpose this positivity has given me. I have seen the simple act of clicking change my life and the lives of my family members. We are more aware of how we act and what that does to the feeling in our home. We are more grateful and happier in general. We needed this and I am blessed to have had the opportunity.

I hope you are a clicker. I'd love to hear your experiences with clicking!

If you aren't yet, you still have time to use the coupon AMY454 and get a free clicker including wristband and sticker with your paid clicker kit. (Good thru November 30, 2013)

And if you still aren't convinced that positive thoughts can bring out the best in you and preserve the pure in your heart, go here and check this out! 

Things I once struggled to train into myself come naturally now. If they are ever out of reach, my clicker isn't and it somehow creates a conduit to my best self. My best tone of voice. My best responses. My best listening ears. My best managerial tactics. My best and most frugal menu planner. My best me.

Be good to yourself and click your accomplishments, one by one. They will move mountains for you.

So, I'll say goodbye to my blogging assignment, but my clicker will have to break before I let that go!

Click on!

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