Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Flick of a Wrist

Are you familiar with the trick of wearing a rubber band and flicking your own wrist every time you exhibit whatever behavior you are trying to train out of yourself. Ouch!

I have used this method and garnered good results. But, they have never lasted. Could it be that positive reinforcement is truly the only way to make permanent change? I am a believer. 

Give me a clicker. I'll take the positive visceral stimulation from feeling and hearing the click over the sting of a rubber band any day. It moves me to a place I come by easily during times of peace and quiet. I don't get much of that with 5 young children. Amazingly my clicker can transport me instantly, nearly every time, to that place of serenity that easily eludes me during the hustle and bustle of life.

Serenity is good. Pain is bad. 

My rubber bands will sit in their bag waiting for more worthy purposes such as attaching last minute Halloween costume pieces, keeping young ones out of cabinets they like to empty in seconds, holding jeans up during the awkward not quite showing stage of pregnancy, and of course holding a clicker on my wrist if someone steals my cute wristband for handcuffs. 

But that last one would never happen in my house. Nope, never. 

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