Friday, November 8, 2013

Migraine Cure?

Here is what I know:

I had a migraine. A doozy of of a migraine.
I couldn't move without feeling my head was about to explode.
I had a lot to do. Moms usually do.
I wanted to curl up into a ball and sleep, or die, whatever.

Here's what I did:

I saw my clicker hanging on the cabinet knob.
I thought, "You can make it to your clicker."
I did.
I clicked.
I thought, "I have a beautiful life,"
"I have a husband that will take over as soon as he gets home."
"That is a looong time from now."
No click for that one.
"I can do it."

About 10 minutes later I thought, "Hey, where's my migraine?" It was fading so fast that I could hardly tell it was there. Within a few more minutes I was good as new and had been going strong since a few clicks in.

This was amazing for me because due to a medical condition I can't take pain relievers of any sort. The drink something with caffeine method has never worked on me either. My migraines just have to run their course and it's a lengthy course, usually 12-18 hours.

Do I really think that a little plastic and metal clicker, so cute with its stickers, cured my migraine? No. But I do believe that it helped me access the positive energy within myself and facilitated the blessed miracle. Isn't that what faith is anyway? Believing in something unseen. Hoping for that which we cannot grasp.

Isn't that what our Savior tells us all the time? I love you. You can do it. I am here. I believe in you. He believes in us. This little clicker is helping me to remember to believe in myself and harness the light within. His light that makes all possible. Even healing a simple migraine for a simple mom.

You should get yourself a clicker kit and unleash the powerful beast within! Remember to use coupon code AMY454 (good thru November 30, 2013) and you'll get a clicker, wristband, and stickers free (a $4.99 value!)

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