Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stealth Bomber

Have you ever needed a stealthy way to bomb the funk out of your teen aged child's life? I had the best time the other day.

So my oldest was less than enthused about pretty much everything. He wasn't shy about letting the whole word have it. I had the thought, "What about the clicker." As I sat clicking outside his bedroom, feeling great myself, I suddenly became worried that this might backfire and work more like poking the bear rather than stealthily worming positive thoughts into his brain.

I squashed that worry with a few clicks after purposeful thoughts and kept vigil. I chose not speak when the queries and attempts to stop me came. "What are you doing?" "That's not going to work."

It didn't take long before I heard, "Sorry mom." After a hug he said, "Hey that clicker sure is powerful! It was really hard to keep the positive thoughts from taking over. After a while I decided to stop trying."

Thank you clicker.

If you have a teen aged child you might want to get them hooked on positive thoughts. It could save your sanity :) Get your clicker kit through November 30, 2013 using coupon code AMY454 and you'll receive a clicker with wristband and sticker for the one in your life in need of stealthiness for free! (a $4.99 value)

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