Friday, November 22, 2013

Time Traveler

This morning was a doozy*. We had somewhere to be and we were on the heels of a couple of busy days. Everyone woke up late, including yours truly. The house was a wreck. The cupboards are bare. The grocery budget is gone. What's for breakfast? Could have been pancakes or muffins if I'd have gotten up on time.

No one could find their things to gather for class: homework assignments, snacks, maps, and such.

"Mom can you check your e-mail for my homework, Dad forgot."
"What?! We have to leave in a few minutes! We can't do homework now."

"I lost my homework mom. Can you help me find it?"
"Not unless I can clone myself, and quick!"
"What's cloning?"
"I can't explain it to right now. Go look for your rock and geology sheet in the basement by Daddy's desk."

It's cold, freezing in fact, and no one could find their cold weather gear. They'll be outside for the next three hours at science class. They just had it all yesterday afternoon for the field trip. Do you have a cold weather gear eating monster at your house too?

The downward spiral into negativeville was swirling around me fast. Deep Breath. Get the clicker. It can't possibly take more time to do this all in a more positive way.

Thank you for a wheat grinder and wheat. Click. Thank you for powdered milk. Click. Thank you for classes being paid through the end of the school year amongst forced retirement and joblessness. Click. Thank you for my children. Click. Thank you for health and energy this morning. Click. Another deep breath. Feeling better. Re-group the troops and ask for positive thoughts.

Before I knew what happened, a matter of seconds, everyone had rallied and we were all acting and interacting in much more peaceful and civil ways. These days have happened before and I am sure they'll happen again. In the past my thoughts were to just make it through and apologize later because there's just no way around it.

Now I am armed with my clicker. Who knew there was time to be found. No need to push through. Reset, rewind, travel back in time and try again. It's possible. I just did it. We just did it.

We made it on time. Enough cold weather gear was found. There were just enough eggs and pieces of bread to have scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. She with lost homework was helped by a barrage of loving comments and clicks on the way to class, along with a little clicker time of her own. Those with incomplete homework accepted responsibility rather than pushing it on the rest of us with ranting and outrage as per usual.

We found time to seek the positive and were blessed with time enough to do what was most needful. It is needful to be positive first and get things done in that energy.

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* written October 25th, 2013

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